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Cookies and Privacy Policy


We collect information about the use of our site by using standard Google Analytics and Google Console utilities. This may result in cookies being placed on your computer for the purpose of collecting analytical data which helps us to understand how often our site is found and how it is used. We may use this information to help us improve the site for future users. We do not knowingly use any other form of cookies, however since our web site is built on the Wix platform they may set additional cookies that we are unaware of and that are outside of our control. If you would like to learn more about cookies (and how to delete them) please visit

Privacy and Data Handling

If you use the online form to contact us, the information you send will reach us in the form of an email. We will store and use the information to respond to you and to service your request. We will not sell or share your details with any third parties.

Web Site General

Our web site has been carefully designed to give you a clear, accurate and fair summary of the services we can provide for you. Images are illustrative only and may not be our own work. If you are in any doubt about whether are services are appropriate for your needs, or you require any further information about our cookies, privacy or data handling policies, please contact us.

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